I know better than this…

Sigh… You and he are my great friends. I asked you to do something and you were playing with me, like you always do, saying no. then out of the blue he logged in and offered to help me, and you said, here comes Romeo. What the hell was that??? And then you told him this was your yard to go somewhere else, cause he had moved closer to where we hang out, and he said, now it’s mine as well, she invited me here. I let you guys know I was out of there and it looked to me like you were marking some territory with him, though I’m sure he has no clue about how it sounded like.

Then I asked you about it and you said you were referring to where he was.

I wonder if you even realise you have the power to hurt me…

She tried to send me a message when you were talking to her, saying she thought you were trying to make me jealous. Only, it went to you somehow. You commented it with me and I put my poker face on.

So, I think you’re aware there’s something going on between us. You always flirt and then act as if you’re joking. I know you don’t talk to the other girls like you do to me, even if you flirt with them as well.

Why do I have to crush on players?


~ by 1cellinthesea on November 27, 2012.

One Response to “I know better than this…”

  1. […] we really talked. I thought he had met someone, was beginning to move on and I wanted to, also, cause he’s half-the-world away. We talked almost a month ago and he said he had he’s arms wide open just […]

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