Out of Luck

You’re older and you’re funny and you’re always teasing me cause I wouldn’t flirt with you when we met. I said I’m shy. I don’t flirt just cause I’m bored. So you made teasing me your game and as I grew familiar with you, you got to see my witty side. You tease, I give back a smartass reply, people laugh and we have fun.

Then we got to be friends and you listen to me and make things lighter when I feel the atmosphere is heavy. You say you like me cause I’m there when people need me, however the way I can help. It was one of the best compliments I’ve got.

You got me a cute nickname to tease me, you’re cheeky and bold when we’re talking just the two of us, and sometimes even make me blush. Once you pretended to be serious and said thing as if you liked me and I almost believed you. I have called you a jerk once or twice before.

So now, here I am, stuck with you in my mind every time I try to sleep, thinking that you’re halfway around the globe and the possibility of the two of us actually meeting is very, very small.

Just don’t go missing online as well, ok?


I was talking to one of my online friends and she was telling me about this guy that calls her sweetness because she’s the sweetest person he’s ever met. I’ve never met her, but I think so, too. She’s sweet, in a non-annoying way. The kind of person from which love comes off in waves, that empathises with others’ pain and suffering and see good in everyone.

He’s the kind of guy that’s lead a tough life, the dark, angsty one I find incredibly mysterious. He’s rough and puts up a front to cover up his insecurities and soaks up in her kindness.

She told me he is jealous of you talking to her.


I want to find someone to whom I feel connected with, someone I can talk to, someone I enjoy talking to, someone I get and that gets me. I’m tired of being on my own. >.<


~ by 1cellinthesea on November 24, 2012.

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