You’re perfect, babe!

So Lady Gaga released a great song about being yourself. I read somewhere that she was bullied in school because she was chubby, so she must know what the pressure to be perfect feels like.

I love her songs, especially Born This Way. It kinda makes it a little easier, for me at least, to get along with myself and accept me. It makes it a little better to handle my insecurities – and believe me, they are many.

There’s nothing wrong in loving who you are ’cause He made you perfect, babe.

I’m beautiful in my way ’cause God makes no mistakes.

Now, that’s an insteresting way of thinking! Indeed, if you believe in God, that’s right, He made you how you are. I actually felt relieved and happy because someone came up with that idea! Someone got it, someone was saying, it’s alright, there’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re perfect.

The thing is, someone pointed out in a blog that she has never been skinnier. When I saw the video, I found everything (except the disturbing intro) so cool, from the choreography, to the make up, to Zombie Boy, to the lyrics. And then, I paid attention to her body.

She’s really thin. Huh. Then, what happened to all the ‘love yourself and you’re set’ crap? Why did she feel the need to lose all that weight if she’s telling people to relax and embrace who they are? She doesn’t even look interesting, in spite of the (lack of) clothes. It’s like that boring plant in the living room that you keep forgetting it’s there.

Unlike Poker Face, where she still has curves. She’s interesting there, as opposed to the fern-vibe I get when I see her in the other video.


I remember when Moulin Rouge came out. Everybody was talking about it, girls were amazed by all those songs, but more than anything, people were impressed by the video Lady Marmalade, featuring Lil’Kim, Christina Aguilera, Mya and Pink. Yes, the song was catchy. Yes, everybody was reciting that annoying french sentence and feeling like they were such a wise-ass. But what everybody was really talking about was how Christina Aguilera looked like a wimp, about to break, in the video! Especially when put next to the other women, she looked nowhere near sexy!

When I see Mya opening the video as the first woman to dance, and walking up to the camera, she looks really cool. Her choreography is incredible and her outfit looks really great, too. Then, when Christina finally shows up, she had this huge hair that gave me the impression that they were trying to hide her size difference to the other women. And when she’s walking up to the camera, like Mya did, her legs look weird, because they’re really thin and she’s bending her knees, so instead of sexy, in my opinion, it looked awkward and definitely not graceful. She looks a little like a little girl playing dress up, instead of a woman trying to be sexy.

That was also what I thought when I watched Beyonce’s Videophone. Lady Gaga makes me cringe when I see her dancing next to Beyonce. And the worst part is, she is even thinner in Born This Way! But, yeah, Beyonce looks chubby next to her and she looks really skinny next to Beyonce. And both of them are beautiful. There isn’t such thing as one kind of beautiful only.

Put your paws up, cause you were born this way!

When it comes down to delivering the right message, I think the best song is Unpretty, by TLC. The video is cringe-worthy, cheesy as hell, to me. But there’s no arguing that, “you can buy your hair if it won’t grow, you can fix your nose if you say so, you can buy all the make up that MAC can make, but if you can’t look inside you,” and see the things that really make you beautiful, embrace your flaws as part of who you are and find things that you like about yourself… Then no make up, no plastic surgery in the world will truly make you beautiful.

The picture of this post illustrates my thoughts. On the left, übermodel, Giselle Bündchen. On the right, actress Sofia Vergara. It was taken from here, where Sofia says she’d like to have smaller boobs, when so many women are all but selling their kidneys to do a boob job. Seriosuly, they’re both gorgeous women, for different reasons, but still, they’re not better or worse than the other – just different.


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