Remember the Compliments You Receive, Forget the Insults

“You are one of the best people I know.”

“Your eyes are sweet, they actually transmit all your sweetness that’s inside of you.”

“You teach me so much…”

“You add so much to my life…”

“That’s why I like you. You’re always there when people need you.”

“My almond eyes…”

“You’re too nice.”

“You’re adorable.”

“You’re sweet. As much as you get hurt and want to pay back in kind, you won’t. It’s not in you, you’re not like that. An eye for an eye – thats not you.”

“Ethics is really important to you.”

“Well, if someone were to have a kid, given all the poeple out there, you’d be one of the better people to raise one.”

“I adore you. You make me feel comfortable enough that I can be myself when I’m with you.”


~ by 1cellinthesea on October 29, 2012.

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