Ups and downs

Taoism says that everything’s relative. There’s only high because there’s low, there’s cold, because there’s hot, there’s good because there’s bad and the other way around. Everything is relative also means that high can be low, if there’s a higher, weak can be strong, if there’s a weaker and bad can be good if there’s a worse.

It’s about the equilibrium between two complimentary opposites, that don’t cancel each other out, but rather coexist, creating the world as we see it and the whole spectrum of things and measures in it. I’ve probably slaughtered this beautiful philosophy, but that’s my extremely limited understanding of it at the moment.

So, thinking about this amazing, sensible philosophy, it’s not really hard to notice that life indeed has its cycles, its ups and downs, the sunshine and the rain.

So here I am, breathing, and looking out for a time when this will all be behind me.

“there’s no bitterness that smolders, no chip on any shoulder, that a random act of kindness couldn’t cure…”


~ by 1cellinthesea on July 9, 2012.

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