I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier…

So you’re in the gutter, too? Here are a few tricks I improvised to deal with being down.

  • Create a motivational playlist on your mp3 player of choice.

This is great to resort to when you’re feeling like the biggest loser. It will remind you you’re not. I’ve got three of this. One, to remind me things are gonna be alright. Because they will. It’s just the way life goes. Another, to remind me to be tough and not give in after shit has hit the fan. The third one’s really a mood-buster, filled with feel good, guilty-pleasures, so that my bad mood doesn’t also turn my day into a bad one.

  • Have a notebook, a small one that you can carry with you, filled with your favorite quotations, book excerpts, proverbs and even religious words that inspire and lift your mood.

From The Silmarilion to Shakespeare, passing through Buddha and The Bible – it’s all right there in mine. Words that are beautiful and mean a lot to me, that, again, don’t let me give up.

  • If you’ve been inside for days, shut in your room and not feeling like facing the world, that’s okay. Start by opening the window and letting the fresh air in. Then, open the door, to create a draft. You’ll notice the air around you improve consistently in seconds. It will help lift your mood, too.
  • You know when things get too overwhelming, and you feel like crying but can’t actually cry your eyes out until you’re stress-free? If you can, lie on your back on a flat surface and focus on your breathing. Then focus on inhaling deeply and exhaling all you can. Keep doing that.
  • If you can’t lie on your back because you’re in a crowded public transport or at work, it’s okay. Just straighten your back in a comfortable way and breathe.
  • So shower has become a matter of survival – even if you can’t find the strength to? Try some fluffy, big towels. If you’re a woman, skip all the in-shower maintenance routine and just use shampoo until you feel your hair is clean. If you’re not in the mood, ditch the conditioner, too! Think of it as embracing your badass side! That’s why God made ponytails, pens, hair ties, clips and barrettes. 🙂 Use a loofah and that body wash that smells great. Actually, save yourself some time and trouble and start brushing your teeth before you get in and finish there. May sound crazy, but feels like less work.

  • Put on some comfortable shorts and shirt, but avoid pajamas. I tend to stay in pajamas all day and they are a constant reminder of the funk I’m in. A pair of shorts and some old t-shirt are enough to make me feel better. But if you feel better hanging out in underwear and a tank-top, go ahead!
  • Drink tea. I never would have suspected this (I used to hate tea), but one winter I caught myself liking tea – and drinking it when I felt anxious to calm down. It worked. *_* That’s really huge to me. These things don’t usually work with me. 😦
  • What about wearing a bit of cologne/body splash/perfume/whatever after the shower? I haven’t actually tried this, but it must feel nice…
  • Eat a little piece of chocolate when you really need that mood-boost.
  • Sing aloud. Close your eyes and do it. Dance and let your body get loose and relaxed to the beat of your playlist.
  • Make yet another playlist (yes, I’m the crazy list-lady, Listography isn’t sitting on the side bar by chance, people!), this time with FUNNY songs/videos.

Come on, you know the ones. The type you can’t listen without giggling or laughing hysterically, be it because of the utterly funny (or crappy) lyrics, or because of the memories they’re attached to.
I like these: Laid, The Bad Touch (“make you feel nuts” never fails to make me laugh!), If You Really Loved Me, London Bridge, 4 Non Blondes, LOTR Parody, Japanese Fanta Commercial, can someone please explain to me wtf is this citizen doing?, Funny Talking Animals – The Wild Site of Life.

Oh, and these: Call And Return, I Want To Break Free, I Believe In A Thing Called LoveDancing In The Streets (or, common sense’s day off…), Walk This Way, Here It Goes Again.

And maybe guys may not be crazy about these… but they’re cute, and make me smile. They’re mostly Pixar’s: Boundin’ (yes, I know this one is not complete, I couldn’t find it, sorry!), The God, Lifted, Presto, Partly Cloudy, First Flight.

  • Watch aaaall those nice movies you’ve been wanting to but still haven’t ’cause, a) you’re embarrassed to tell your friends you want to and/or b) still couldn’t make time for it. Go ooon, (re)watch those really feel-good, no-brainer movies.

My Random, Cheesy But Well-Intentioned Selection: GhostbustersPretty Woman, American Pie, Tangled, Love Actually, Be Kind, Rewind, Tropic Thunder, Fun With Dick And Jane, It’s Complicated, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Easy A, Crazy, Stupid Love, Big Trouble in Little China, John Carpenter’s Vampires, An American Werewolf in Paris, That Thing You Do, Rock Star, Almost Famous, Detroit Rock City, Little Miss Sunshine, Shaun of The Dead, Death At A Funeral, Bridget Jone’s Diary, The Emperor’s New Groove, Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura – Pet Detective, Kick-Ass, Ocean’s Eleven, After The Sunset, Analyze This, The Hangover, Duplex, As Good As It Gets, There’s Something About Mary, America’s Sweethearts, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

  • Oh, almost forgot! Don’t forget to look up. 🙂

I mean it. Sometimes I catch myself looking down too much as I walk on the streets. Did you notice that when we get down we tend to lower our heads? So keep your chin up, take a good look at the sky. I think it’s really soothing. I mean, look at how big it is! There’s a whole universe behind it, too. When I stare into the sky, like I’m trying to see the nearest planet, I always get this feeling of just how tiny I am. My problems, whatever they are, are meaningless to the universe. Because I am nothing when put next to the universe. So, chill.

♪ Cheer up and dry your damp eyes, and tell me when it rains… and I’ll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins… ♫~ Owl City


~ by 1cellinthesea on January 26, 2012.

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