New Version of You

Time for promises and new beginnings. What do you want to be this year?

I want to be more grounded. I need to stop living so much with my head in the clouds, start living more in reality, stop daydreaming so much.

I need to take those dreams and bring them into reality

I want to get my degree and start my life already.

I want to be out there more, doing my martial art, rollerblading, going out. Basking in the sun instead of dreaming of sunshine.

I want to read more and know more about what I do.

I want to be able to laugh more and be more relaxed, carefree. To stop worrying all the time.

I want to lead a lighter life.

I want to swim. I miss swimming. I miss travelling.

I want to drink more water, make an effort to be more patient and kind. I want to put more effort into becoming a better me.


~ by 1cellinthesea on January 4, 2012.

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