Love Yourself

You aren’t short. You are fun-sized.

You’re not fat. You’re just extra hot.

So you’re really overweight? What matters is that you’re healthy, probably more than many models, smokers, entertainers, actors/actresses and drinkers. And have you ever stopped to wonder about which size this lady would be?

Don’t have big boobs? Don’t worry, it’s a bitch trying to find a bra that fits AND looks pretty.

Thin lips? They’re delicate and pretty.

Really full lips? Must feel awesome kissing you.

Single? Great, no need to compromise. Set aside a little more time to spend on taking care of yourself, watch all the movies you want to, spend more time with your friends or even your family! Better yet, enjoy the wonders of being alone!

Paint your nails, cut your hair, wear make up, shave (really shave that moustache :P), work out, watch what you eat, smell nice, brush your teeth, buy new clothes for your own sake only, instead of trying to look good for the world. *No one* else will live with you 24/7.

You’re not lazy, you’re peaceful.

And you’re not hyperactive either, you’re exciting!

Love reading? Cool, it’s a great way to learn and dream.

Don’t like reading that much? So what, there are so many other hobbies to choose!

Seriously, don’t use the word “enemy” as in “that’s my enemy”. You’re not a cartoon character for Heaven’s sake! You don’t have enemies, you have disappointed fans. But, really, that’s a very heavy word. Time goes by, people change, life happens and things hardly stay the same. So don’t be so eager to put someone, along with yourself, in such a bad relationship. The energy you spend hating someone takes a toll on you, too.

Tall? That’s elegant (and great at concerts, too).

Chubby? Then you’re just about ideal to cuddle with.

Not especially fond of children/animals? That doesn’t make you a heartless individual, or cold, just another person with an opinion. Besides, the world’s already too crowded, anyway.

Don’t want to get married? Who said you have to?

Don’t know which profession to choose? That’s okay, I had a Literature teacher in highschool who looked well beyond his 40s and told my class he was quitting teaching to go back to being a lawyer (and we were very well-behaved).

Don’t want to get a normal 9-to-5 job? Go ahead! It’s your life and you’re the one who takes responsibility for it, and no one else.

Dream of becoming a loving mother/father and a wife/husband? In a world where people are leaving newborns on dumpsters as if they were old, unwanted dolls, I think that’s a really precious feeling.

Straight hair? Good, it’s usually easier to style.

Curly hair? Also good, it has personality.

No hair? Hooray for saving time and money on all that hair crap that, on top of everything, is usually tested on animals!

So you’re anxious because some idiot told you that size matters? Keep this in mind: Beethoven composed the Ninth Symphony after he had gone deaf. Florence Foster Jenkins would have made Mozart wish he were, too. So, you see, a tool is merely a tool. When you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re doing. 😉

Don’t understand the rules? Question. But make sure to do so politely.

You’re not heterosexual? That’s your business and nobody else’s (well, other than your partner, of course :)). Don’t listen to people telling you that God doesn’t love you, and bla bla bla. That’s also none of their business! If you believe in God, He said to love your neighbor as you do yourself. So focus on the loving part. A famous indian Guru said that you are so much more than your physical body. You are an immortal soul, your body is not who you are, just your vessel. And your sexuality is only connected to that vessel. So don’t be afraid of loving whoever you do and expressing your love (preferrably, in legal ways). And if anyone still tries to preach, tell them this. Which is a very nice way of telling to “mind your own buisiness!” And if you don’t believe in God (or in any form of religion), your orientation still doesn’t define who you are, it’s just a small detail of it. It doesn’t automatically make you a liar, a robber, a murderer, child molester, nymphomaniac or dishonest. Furthermore, being gay doesn’t automatically make all those annoying, prissy, prejudiced gossippers irresistibly attractive (though they damn well must wish it did). You’re gay, not desperate.

Go ahead and have fun.

Laugh by yourself as you walk down the street when you remember something funny.

Turn up that really great song and dance by yourself.

Walk instead of driving or taking the bus.

Take responsibility for your every action, own up to your mistakes and face the consequences to your choices.

Jump/dance/skip when you’re hearing that song on your player, the one that gets you really excited so you can’t help it. Tap your feet and bang your head. Play that shameless air guitar and ignore the stares on the bus stop. It’s a pity not everyone has got a sense of humor these days…

Stop looking for blemishes on your body. You’re perfect.

Dress up when you feel like it, wear sewatshirts to school when you’re feeling blue. But go. If you’re a girl, put on some blush. I recently discovered this trick. It’s not about looking good for other people, but when you look in the mirror and see you don’t look as gloom anymore, you will feel less gloomy. 🙂 And it will help you get out of the house on those tough days.

Really try to watch what you eat, but go ahead and binge on chocolate/beer/ice cream once in a while.

Don’t wait until you have company to travel. Travel by yourself. Unless you’re going to some kind of desert, there will be people there (even in the desert, as a matter of fact).

Buy that ring/necklace/bracelet you want instead of waiting for someone to give it to you.

Sing. It’s always in tune in our heads, anyway.

Sleep in.

Wake up early.

Put your effort into being the person you want to be, instead of trying to change people.

Watch the stars, walk on the beach, go to the movies, try that restaurant all by yourself, intead of waiting around for company. Independence is freedom and it’s such an intense discovery that it overpowers all the loneliness that keeps you from doing these things.

Get a plant, get a pet, get a hobby.

Get many hobbies.

Catch some rain, get drenched. You’re not made of sugar, you know.

Cry when you feel like it and ignore if people call you a cry-baby. They’re not you.

Know how to listen to ideas that are different than your own. Hear them sincerely and ponder upon them before discarding them.

Your parents are not your boss. If they were, when you were little you would have to work in order to get money to get that cool toy, and you would probably get kicked out after your first tantrum in public. 🙂 So, take a deep breath and at least pretend you’re listening to their advice, even if you build satellites and live 20000 miles from them with your own family. Face this: we will all be 40-year-old children bickering with our siblings/cousins/spouses when it comes to them. They are that clueless. But we love them just the same.

Don’t apologize for who you are or what you like. You’re not obligated to love The Beatles, drink beer/wine/soda, own a driver’s license, smoke, like to go out, choose between rock and freakin R&B or even choose a (single) religion.

Learn to love yourself.

And then, show yourself to the world, cause it deserves nothing less. 🙂


~ by 1cellinthesea on December 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Love Yourself”

  1. This is deep and so true. We have to value ourselves and look at everything we have as an asset. Insecurities never really gets anyone that far.

  2. […] is great to resort to when you’re feeling like the biggest loser. It will remind you you’re not. I’ve got three of this. One, to remind me things are gonna be alright. Because they will. […]

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