Keeping track

Why is it it’s so much easier to be upset, mad, bored, angry, anxious than happy, glad, thankful, content? I, for one, have a habit of taking the little things for granted, for letting them pass me by unnoticed, and I often fail to see just how lucky I am.

So, this is me, being grateful.

I was born with two arms, two legs, ten toes, ten fingers, two perfectly functional eyes and a pair of lips.

I’m healthy. I don’t have any (bad) chronic diseases, or infection, or really anything that can’t be cured/treated/ignored.

I can breathe, without need of help from any device. I can run, and, even if I get breathless, I can always catch my breath.

I can practice sports.

I have a family, made of two parents and I even have a sibling!

I have many cousins to tease and quarrel with, and many aunts to nag and spoil and many uncles to make me laugh. And I have aunts, cousins and uncles to cuddle with.

I have a dwelling place with walls and a ceiling to shield me from the wind and rain and to provide me with shadow when the sun is too hot.

I have easy, around-the-clock access to potable water.

There is food in my kitchen, and a closet full of clothes in my room, and all the medicines I need in my bathroom.

I have a bed and a room just for me.

I can read.

I can hear.

I can’t sing, though, but I can’t tell how out of tune I’m singing, so, HA!

I can travel, I can leave my home city, even my country and see the world.

I can sleep in on weekends.

I can afford to spend time worrying about how I look.

I have shoes.

I have people who not only like my company, but insist in my being there for many things, and who miss me, and can’t wait to share their happiness with me.

I have people who I can count on, who pick me up when I’m down, who keep my secrets and lend me their shoulders, who fight with me but don’t abandon me. I have real friends.

I have people who are very willing to stroke my hair! :3

I have many, many books, and there are even more that I want to read.

I can speak foreign languages.

I have people who love me unconditionally.

I used to run barefoot on the grass when I was little, play in the rain, eat fruits right out of trees, bake marshmallows on the fire (or even the burner on the stove – or bake grapes when we didn’t have marshmallows, just to see what happened), and climb trees.

I got to meet one of my grandmothers, and she was amazing and kind, and stroked my hair, and made me sit on her lap, and called me ‘sweetheart’.

I have seen the ocean, and snow, and rainbows, and hail, and rain, and thunderstorms.

I have travelled by car, train, ship and plane.

I have had dogs, a horse and two bunnies growing up.

I have people who don’t mind holding my hair as I’m sick.

I was able to spend all the important dates with not only my family, but also friends.

I grew up in a home where people love being around friends, and so all the celebrations were that much better.

I have seen my favorite band performing live in front of me on more than one occasion.

I have two alarm clocks and a mom nice enough to try to wake me up whenever she is up early as well.

When it rains really hard, I can sleep knowing I’m safe. When the sun shines, I can bask in its warmth without worrying about long droughts.

I was able to lay back and watch the stars with my dad, and he was the one who taught me all the constellations I can point out.

I can watch Disney movies and series with my mom, and her laughter is the best.

All it takes for my dad to be happy with me, is for me to hold his hand – and he has these large, yet soft hands, that are great to hold, a little like grandma’s were nice to hold, too.

I have wished on shooting stars, blew on dandelions, played on swings for hours on end, hunted for treasures with friends, rode bikes, went rollerblading, played hide and seek, and even jumped rope.

It’s so easy to forget all these simple, little, magic things we are blessed with everyday, as life gets chaotic and demanding! We keep asking for more, and forget all that we already have, while many people aren’t as fortunate as we. So these were a few of the many things I’m grateful for.

And in case you’re wondering about the grapes, well, all they did was turn black – and occasionally enlarge the hole on the carpet in front of the old fireplace that had been caused by stray marshmallows and eight-year-olds with pyromanic tendencies.


~ by 1cellinthesea on November 16, 2011.

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