Just like haven.

My favorite thing about this blog is that absolutely no-one is following it. It’s being able to give an outlet to my random, persistent and rather many thoughts.

No one to judge, censor or nag. Just me, my demons and my favorite way of venting, of putting my thoughts and feelings in the right order to achieve the best conclusion. To sort things out and to arrive at a solution. No trend-setting, no trying to be cool with other people also trying to be cool giving empty statements just for being noticed.

Just me, a blank page and the “enter” key. Taking what could be destructive and turning it into something productive.

Me, at my best and my worst, and no one to judge, congratulate, fret, praise or even freak out about it.



~ by 1cellinthesea on October 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Just like haven.”

  1. I think I wrote the same thing a few months ago lol

  2. I love the picture up there, I felt really good almost instantly.

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